There are so many good streaming services out at the moment. We’re spoiled for choice. It feels like we’re back in the free-for-all wild-west of the early days of pay TV. I’ll admit that I haven’t even glanced at Apple TV Plus yet, even though I’m an avid Apple fan-girl. After reading Kernel Blake’s review for BEASTIE BOYS story, I took a look at what they have to offer. It looks like this one is well worth a ch-ch-check out.
-Kernel Claire

BEASTIE BOYS STORY is rated M, runs for 120mins and is available exclusively for streaming on Apple TV+

The Beastie Boys – Live On Stage In A New Way

BY Blake Currall


BEASTIE BOYS STORY is the latest from renowned filmmaker Spike Jonze (BEING JOHN MALKOVICH, HER). It spawned from the in-depth book: BEASTIE BOYS BOOK. Written by Mike D (Michael Diamond) and Adam “AdRock” Horowitz, BEASTIE BOYS STORY’s setup is simple. Filmed as part of a promotional tour for the group. It’s the two Beastie’s on stage, in front of a packed house, recounting tales from their beginnings. It shows us the rises and falls from grace and the untimely passing of the third group member, MCA (Adam Yauch).

The Beastie (Now Fully Grown) Boys with filmmaker Spike Jonze


This no-holds-barred discussion delves deep into the origins of the band. We see the music scene of the late 70s/early 80s and the trials & tribulations of the breakout all-white rap group. Mike D and AdRock take turns chronicling stories from the group of teenage New Yorkers. They were brought together by the burgeoning punk scene of the time.

We follow the group from supporting Madonna on American tour to partnering with RUN DMC. They embark on a world tour where their success explodes. They cross into mainstream with hits such as NO SLEEP TILL BROOKLYN and FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO PARTY.

Crazy parties, music collaborations, dodgy record producers and more. The Boys don’t shy away from the effects of drug abuse and nonstop touring/partying. Diamond and Horowitz don’t hold back. They give an incredible insight into the behind the scenes turmoils of the group and the moves that turned them into the internationally renowned band they are today.

Jumping for (Beastie) Boy(s)


Don’t come into BEASTIE BOYS STORY expecting much in the way of production value or pizzazz. It’s pretty much just two guys on stage telling stories for two hours. But it’s the way these stories are told, intercut with photos and footage from the group throughout their career. There are a lot of tracks from the extensive Beastie Boys catalogue played throughout the show. It expresses the creative, bizarre and incredible musical talents each member contributed to the group. 

Beastie Boys: Party Boys


As a kid growing up in the 80s, the Beastie Boys were – and still are – a massive musical influence of mine. BEASTIE BOYS STORY is a superb insight into the ground-breaking group. It is hard not to get emotional when Horowitz fights back tears while talking about the loss of MCA to cancer 8 years ago. It’s a touching tribute to a moment that still brings sadness to this day. But MCA lives on through the amazing catalogue of work the group produced and the many charitable foundations he founded.

Beastie fans will love this and may even learn a few things about the group that they hadn’t heard before. I know I did. Even if you aren’t particularly a fan of their music, or don’t know much about them, BEASTIE BOYS STORY is still well worth your time. Especially during this lockdown, where you can still fight for your right to party and shake your rump-ah. 
…. In isolation. 

Behind The Scenes With The Beastie Boys


For fans of their music, BEASTIE BOYS STORY is a must-see. It’s reason enough to at least sign up for a free week of Apple TV+. For non-fans, this is still an interesting, candid, amusing and heartfelt look back through the history of the ground-breaking rap group.



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