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NEIGHBORS 2: SORORITY RISING, or as it is known in Australia due to a TV show we have played forever, BAD NEIGHBOURS 2 is out now from the fine folks at Universal Pictures Australia. It is definitely making people laugh a lot and also milking Zac Efron’s dignity and lack of shame at becoming a self parodying joke of himself. It is much more of the same from the first one, I laughed, I cried from laughing and I cringed watching Zac Efron, a fantasy lover of mine forever, become an embarrassment to himself. You will catch BAD NEIGHBOURS 2 at all commercial cinemas, it is rated MA15+ and runs for 92mins.


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BAD NEIGHBOURS 2 starts about a year or so following the events in the original BAD NEIGHBOURS, Teddy (Zac) is basically still a joke with a dead end job using his ageing looks to get by, he is living at Pete’s (Dave Franco) and his boyfriend’s apartment. But now Pete and his partner are engaged and planning on marrying they kind of want Teddy to leave so they can set up house. Alone, sad and confused, Teddy runs back to their old Frat House where he runs into a bunch of girls who want to form a Sorority off campus and the old, empty frat house is up for rent.

Still living next door is Kelly (Rose Byrne) and Mac (Seth Rogen), they have just semi-sold their house and it’s on a thirty day escrow, they are also pregnant and bought their new house not on escrow so if the escrow falls through they will be stuck with two mortgages and a death of debt.

Teddy comes up with the plan to tutor the girls on how to succeed on their own and be able to afford to rent the fray house in exchange for a place to live and party with them but in next to no time the girls are up to crazy girl stuff and the neighbours are asking them to stop until the escrow period ends. The girls wont be told what to do, things escalate quickly, as you can imagine, and it gets bad enough that Teddy starts to grow a brain and teams up with Kelly and Mac and the war is on, it is quite touching and funny seeing Teddy become basically a child of Kelly and Mac.


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I laughed my head off at plenty of scenes in BAD NEIGHBOURS 2, it recaptures that essence of the first film and Rogen and Byrne are perfection in casting and for me are the funniest part of the movie, I really want an entire movie just on them. I went with a lady friend of mine, Cath, she preferred this one to the original and I preferred the original. I think this is because this addresses the misogyny of Frat Houses and might have more female slanted jokes whereas the first film was all about the “boy’s club” and the frat house, to me the “neighbours” had less impact as pains in the asses.

To me the tampon joke was too far and made me gag but for girls they may find it hysterical. But to that I never thought the girl’s went far enough, they partied but they appeared more wanting of the sorority house being a happy fun place for them to do girl parties the girl way, but in the end they resort to a “boy’s styled” frat party, I never really found their parties offensive unlike the frat parties from the original.

Not seeing girls as crazy and offensive as the boys may have been due to the Teddy, Kelly and Mac trio getting more screen time, they are the leads after all. Chloë Grace Moretz was ok as Shelby, the leader of the sorority, but to be honest, I am just not a huge fan of her since her younger work where her age played into the novelty of her characters (KICK-ASS, HUGO, LET ME IN and so on).

I also quite liked the Jimmy and Wife scenes, the best friends of Kelly and Mac, I have had a crush on Ike Barinholtz since SISTERS and love his comedy.


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Then there is Zac, a guy I have obsessively crushed on for over a decade with every other female and gay man, but I liked it more when he once tried to act, at nearly thirty years old his days as a teen idol are numbered and he can’t just take his shirt off and smile in movies, it would be nice to see him at least try to take a movie seriously. He is talented, he can act, but his role choices of late are on a downward spiral to a drug and alcohol addiction and a fade into oblivion. The one scene where Teddy comes up with the idea he can just distract every female by dancing nearly naked was just stupid, and then he loses his shit because he has no oil to oil himself and it wont have the same effect. I did laugh though when then decided to grab the rotisserie off a nearby barbecue and to squeeze hot meat oil all over him. But my point is how can he even do these scenes if he has an ounce of dignity? I know I know, $10MIL or whatever and I should STFU because everyone wants to see it. Next step is porn for him, no complaints but also no respect :).

And then the final scene of BAD NEIGHBOURS 2 seeing him working as a gay wedding planner because “all the gays seem to like him.” I was just like “get fucked,” self parodying but taking the piss. He isn’t an actor anymore, he is a bloody prostitute that looks good and can deliver lines.

He needs to make something serious to show he has talent FFS, because, as you can see, it is pissing me off.



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If you liked BAD NEIGHBOURS you will probably love BAD NEIGHBOURS 2, it is pretty much the same thing, it has lots of funny lines but, personally for me, more lines fell flat in the sequel than the original, but this could purely be that we know the premise this time around.

Enjoy the trailer below but be warned a hell of a lot of the trailer has been cut from the final cut of the movie, some of the scenes I would have loved to have seen onscreen!!


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