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Kernel Blake gets his chick flick on – ok – it was more the pressure from the DDJ (the better half) that he had to be the Kernel to review this one. With boundary pushing comedies in the market over the last few years and with SAUSAGE PARTY often going too far in the last week it may appear that BAD MOMS is a little safe but don’t let that stop you. It’s chick flick gold and a ladies night out in the Lux or Gold Class with bubbles and nibbles is in order for this one. BAD MOMS is out now from the fine folks at Roadshow Films. It’s rated MA15+ and runs for 100mins. Enjoy Blakes review and have a sensational day……..all the best……JK.


Over the past few years, we have been inundated with raunchy, adult comedies with the “Bad” prefix. We’ve had Bad Santa’s, Teachers, Neighbours and Grandpa’s (dirty ones too), now it’s time for the Moms to have a turn. Directed by the writers of THE HANGOVER and with a promising cast, BAD MOMS should be a recipe for hilarity.


Amy, (Mila Kunis, TED) is a busy working mum of two, who married young and started a family with her oafish man-child husband, Mike (Dave Walton, NEW GIRL). Pushed to breaking point from single-handedly running her kids to school and extra-curricular activities, averting crisis’ for her hipster boss Dale (Clark Duke, HOT TUB TIME MACHINE) and being belittled by the head of the PTA, snooty Gwendolyn (Christina Applegate, ANCHORMAN), Amy’s patience snaps when she finds her husband cheating on her online.


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With a fresh outlook on life, Amy looks to relive the years she missed as a parent and wife, taking time out for her, after kicking her husband to the curb. A chance meeting in a bar with fellow mothers Carla (Kathryn Hahn, WE’RE THE MILLERS) and Kiki (Kristen Bell, FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL) finds all three women sick of their current situations and looking to break bad, becoming BAD MOMS.


After defying Gwendolyn and her iron fist ruling of the school mums at a PTA meeting, Amy becomes the target of Gwendolyn and her cronies, with a snobs vs slobs storyline kicking off. While Amy and her pals are out running amok at bars/supermarkets/house parties, Gwendolyn uses her power in the school to ruin any chance Amy’s kids have of getting ahead, pressuring the school’s soccer coach to cut Amy’s daughter from the team, thus denting her chances of getting into college.


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With her daughters future in jeopardy, Amy and her friends decide to hit Gwendolyn where it hurts the most and challenge her for the role of PTA president. Their pitch is simple, mum’s aren’t perfect and shouldn’t be judged on how they dress, how well their kids perform in school and most importantly to them, how they perform at a bake sale. Whereas Gwendolyn reinforces her iron-rule, with tedious, over-the-top PowerPoint presentations and conformity through fear and intimidation.

What follows is about as cliché as you can get for this genre, with every outcome able to be predicted well in advance, although there are some funny lines and fun sequences from the cast, BAD MOMS never really hits the heights promised by the title and the crew involved.


Mila Kunis is adorable as always as the main mum, although it is hard to see her as a mum at times when she looks and speaks like someone who could quite easily share a classroom with her kids. Kristen Bell has some fun moments as the stay-at-home, home schooling mum of four kids and also married to a bit of a prick. But it is Kahn as the divorced, wild card mum of an oversized, baseball playing son who thinks butter is a perfect entrée with a meal. Applegate can play snooty/bitchy incredibly well and she is in fine form here, making her a character you love to hate. Jada Pinkett Smith as Gwendolyn’s sidekick doesn’t fare as well, basically reduced to a parrot repeating everything Gwendolyn says and I’m still not sure why she was even in the film.


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With BAD MOMS being directed by the writers of THE HANGOVER films, Jon Lucas & Scott Moore, you would expect a hilarious screenplay with the BAD MOMS getting up to all kinds of messed up shenanigans, but unfortunately apart from the aforementioned drunken ruckus in a supermarket, a wild house party and a very funny anatomy lesson with a zip up hoodie, the mum’s don’t actually really do anything that bad. They still love their kids and take care of them, all while enjoying their lives and making new friends. BAD MOMS feels like a movie that should have been funnier and pushed the boundaries a bit further.


Admittedly, I did have a reasonably fun time with BAD MOMS, it was a pretty easy way to spend a couple of hours but unfortunately for me, that wasn’t enough. I wanted it to be funnier and crazier, it just feels like the filmmakers held back a little to please a wider audience, instead of going full balls out (boobs out?) nutty with it. To be fair, there were a lot of mum’s in the screening we were in and they seemed to love every minute of it, so maybe that’s the key to really connecting with BAD MOMS and enjoying it. For me, it was just a little too generic and safe, but the likeable cast made it enjoyable nonetheless.


3 Pops




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