A big welcome back to Kernel Emma!! She has been gallivanting overseas in some obscure country for the last year and we have missed her contributions on Salty. Looking forward to having her regular posts back on the home page. She is kicking her return off with that scary doll movie. You know that bloody terrifying doll from the CONJURING franchise. Enjoy Emma’s thoughts on ANNABELLE: CREATION. The scary little nightmare is out now from Roadshow Films. It is rated MA15+ and runs for 109mins. All the best……..Salty.


There are a lot of bad horror films out there. ANNABELLE: CREATION is definitely not one of them. Another fantastic addition to the successful CONJURING franchise, and a prequel to the original film ANNABELLE, this is an absolute treat with enough jump scares to keep you hiding behind your hands right up until the climax. Produced by James Wan, whose name has become synonymous with horror in recent years, and directed by David F. Sandberg, this is a film not to miss. Especially for those who can’t go past a creepy chucky-like doll. After watching Night of The Living Dummy from the Goosebumps franchise as a child, I know I sure can’t.


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ANNABELLE: CREATION takes us right back to where the story began, and starts by introducing us to the girl behind the doll. As mother Esther and her doll-making husband Samuel return from church, their young daughter Annabelle is crushed to death by an ongoing car. Fast forward twelve years and a group of young orphaned girls make their way to the house of Esther and Samuel in the hope of starting a new chapter. It doesn’t take long for things to start getting awfully creepy at the house as young Janice becomes the target of the possessed Annabelle doll who has found her way out of hiding.

Searching for a new host and terrorising the young women at every opportunity, the evil spirit is hell bent on scaring the living daylight out of everyone – audience included. What ensues is a creepy, fright-filled film. One that has no shortage of sweat-inducing build ups, and one that is sure to delight any horror fan.


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No CONJURING franchise film is complete without its fair share of jump scares and ANNABELLE: CREATION is no exception. With demon-like creatures jumping out from behind corners, and plenty of nods to films like THE EXORCIST and THE HAUNTING, ANNABELLE: CREATION goes right back to horror basics. The classic techniques adopted by the filmmakers remind us of the genre – if its not broke don’t fix it. The soundtrack reminiscent of the THE SHINING adds nicely to the tension and further enhances the dramatic build ups, and the many shots of the Annabelle doll placed perfectly within a scene are sure to give you flashbacks for nights to come. I was disappointed not to see more of my favourite scary nun from THE CONJURING, but happy none-the-less to receive plenty of unexpected frights.


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What struck me about ANNABELLE: CREATION was the storytelling. There are a plethora of horror films in recent years which deliver on the scares, but lack a convincing backstory. ANNABELLE: CREATION kept me engaged throughout its almost two hour run-time, and the young cast did an excellent job of bringing the story to life. In comparison with the first installment, ANNABELLE: CREATION is significantly more memorable and it’s filled with double the scares.


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I love horror films and particularly enjoy the CONJURING franchise, so ANNABELLE: CREATION was a natural choice and an excellent one, too. There are plenty of scares, just the right amount of suspense, and enough shots of Annabelle to keep you away from dolls for good. Bonus points for the new extended IT trailer which screens before the film begins.





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