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They had me at Noomi. ANGEL OF MINE is an adaptation of the 2008 French film L’EMPREINTE de L’ANG. It runs for 97 minutes and had its Australia Premiere at the 2019 Melbourne International Film Festival. The film releases on the September 5th from new film distributor R&R Films. They have been kind enough to give us 5x Double Passes to see it. Check out how to win at the bottom of Elie’s second review on Salty. All the best……………JK.

Angel of Mine Yvonne Strahovski and Annika Whiteley
Yvonne Strahovski and Annika Whiteley


I truly love going into film screenings knowing absolutely nothing about what I’m in for. This was the case for my third press screening ANGEL OF MINE. I really think that I’m going to go into more films without watching any trailers or doing my pre-film news searches on Google – boy is it exciting. Let’s unpack this psychological thriller. 


A mother (Lizzie played by Noomi Rapace) struggling with the loss of her daughter, begins to question whether her young girl may still be alive after meeting a new young friend. 

Angel of Mine Noomi Rapace and Annika Whiteley
Noomi Rapace and Annika Whiteley


Wow, wow and wow. Noomi Rapace is absolutely exhilarating in ANGEL OF MINE. Her performance radiates a plethora of chilling emotions that convey a sense of longing and a desperate search to find the will to live. Rapace terrifically plays the role of a distraught mother who threatens to breach the barriers of total insanity. The lengths Rapace’s Lizzie goes through to spend time with her ‘daughter’ such as lying to her son about buying his best friends house, really had me questioning what this woman is truly capable of. Her performance was both mentally crazy and from an actor’s perspective, literally crazy!

It is Lizzie’s infatuation with her ‘daughter’ that ironically causes her to lose grip of her parental duties and welfare for her son Tomas (Finn Little), who does a great job at keeping pace with Rapace in intensely emotional scenes.


Yvonne Strahovski (THE HANDMAID’S TALE) as Claire does a fine job portraying an Aussie mother who is confused as hell when Lizzie begins to think that Claire’s daughter Lola (Annika Whiteley) is hers. I mean, who wouldn’t be? Luke Evans (DRACULA UNTOLD, THE HOBBIT TRILOGY and FAST & FURIOUS 6) as Mike is just Luke Evans being Luke Evans and I felt like he was in the film for the amount of time the Juicy Fruit flavour lasts in my mouth. A quick and easy pay check indeed.

Rapace does really bring the best out of both Strahovski and Evans, particularly towards the films bunny-boiling point where all three are required to express profound emotions. Some of the other performances within ANGEL OF MINE, particularly Richard Roxburgh, Rob Collins and Tracey Mann, were quite generic and I couldn’t help but compare them to the standard acting you would see on Aussie soap operas. 

Angel of Mine Finn Little and Luke Evans
Finn Little and Luke Evans


Kim Farrant makes great use of suburban Melbourne to create a dull yet eerie atmosphere that resembles the overall tone of ANGEL OF MINE. Set in virtually simple locations, Farrant achieves some fantastic emotionally resonating scenes that convey a sense of grief and mystery. Farrant adopts a simplistic, yet effective, approach when it comes to how scenes are shot. After all this is no CGI infested action blockbuster and thus Farrant is not required to do anything out of the ordinary. In fact, it is her straightforward approach to directing that allows ANGEL OF MINE’s complex themes of loss and the human condition to flourish. 


Although ANGEL OF MINE subverts traditional stereotypes through its unpredictable twists and psychological thrills, it does paint a cliched portrait of a struggling mother. From exploring family struggles such as divorce and children, to the pervading question of whether our lead is crazy or not, ANGEL OF MINE treads familiar waters. 

There were a few scenes within ANGEL OF MINE that question plausibility. For example, Lizzie is seen in certain locations that are pivotal to the plot however there is no explanation towards how she managed to get there. It just felt like lazy writing and that Lizzie was placed in certain scenes because the script required her to be there for integral revelations in the story to unfold. 

Angel of Mine Noomi Rapace and Annika Whiteley
Noomi Rapace and Annika Whiteley


Although susceptible to familiar tropes and plausibility issues, ANGEL OF MINE is carried by a fantastic emotionally resonating performance from Noomi Rapace who brings out the best from her supporting cast. Director Kim Farrant creates an eerie atmosphere that craves a sense of mystery. What unfolds is an intriguing psychological thriller that provides a few unexpected twists and is definitely worth checking out despite its stumbles along the way. 


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