ALL THIS MAYHEM would probably be my favourite documentary of 2014. I loved this movie and as you will see below I was not a fan of seeing it all. It is incredibly powerful and moving and is for me in 2014 that CRASH REEL was for me in 2013. I did bang on about ALL THIS MAYHEM quite a bit at time of release and now, with thanks to our good friends at eOneANZ you have the chance to own your own copy on DVD – I have three copies up for grabs – re-visit my review and then find out how to win. Best of luck!


ALL THIS MAYHEM is a skater film, this was what I got from the invite. I was not interested, I emailed all the kernels, THREE times, and no one would attend and review it, or could due to other commitments. In trying to review everything released I thought I would give it a shot, I have had many a surprise in my past from screenings, so headed along. In the first 30mins I actually I thought I would leave, by the end I had witnessed one of the most powerful documentaries I had seen in years that I would make compulsory viewing for every teenager at or out of school. I laughed so hard and cried even harder. ALL THIS MAYHEM is releasing this Thursday 10th July with thanks to eOne Australia at Cinema Nova and Dendy Newtown cinemas only. It is rated mA15+ and runs for 97mins.





ALL THIS MAYHEM is about brothers Tas and Ben Pappas, two young lads with a determined spirit from Melbourne. Within a year of entering World Skateboarding Competition they defeated Tony Hawk and were crowned 1st and 2nd in the International World Skateboarding Championships. These guys were epic, their no-fear Aussie spirit to skating was incredible. They were just like me and my mates, we are pretty much the same age and lived through the same time, I was even at that same Big Day Out that Ben was being interviewed at. They were skating, me and my mates were skiing, just not as epic as the Pappas’.

And this was why I thought I would walk out in the first 30mins of the film. I just thought it would be about a couple of freaking brats that needed a goddamn attitude adjustment, just like my mum will tell you I needed at the time #bloodyteenagers :). I reckon I could have gone head to head with Tas on the bong, although this guy also took that to the next level, anyone who punches an epic cone from a massive bong and before he blows out skulls the OMFG bong water is next level. Funny thing is only two of us in the media screening reacted to this with a whopping “woooooooooooooooooo” and laughter – we acknowledged each other as probably being the only ex pot smokers in the cinema 🙂 Haha

But like all things done awesome in the US in the 80s and 90s and probably still to today, if you are doing really well, people will throw money at you so you can make them more money. The Pappas brothers went from zero to hero, they went from young working class kids to kids with so much money it was ridiculous. And they discovered the joys of drugs. Up to this stage in the movie you thought they were arrogant dipshits who were just good at skating, I remembered those kids from school, assholes. But then there was an inkling of sadness and empathy for them. I never got the abundant money and had to work my ass off, still doing that for little money, I was so born into the wrong class!! But it was this spot ours and many others lives would differ from the Pappas’. I had responsibility and bloody life to keep me in order, they had more fun, more skating and more money to follow their dreams, but the drugs started to ruin this.




The ironic thing is I thought Ben was the cutest, most innocent child who would do all the good, would overtake his brother and would own the world while Tas continued his path of self destruction and pissing people off. But drugs are a cruel whore that do not choose people, neither brother deserved what happened, no wrong choice deserves the pain and implosions their life faced.

Ben came back to Australia for a family catch up or holiday but was so into his drugs he thought he would be fine to smuggle in a lot of cocaine. He was caught and arrested and due to this would never be allowed back into the United States to compete. These brothers were inseparable and having them separated was like separating conjoined twins, their lives started to downfall without each other. Tas got more reckless and the U.S. started to turn against Tas’s arrogance and reckless “fuck you” lifestyle. From here things go from worse to worse to heartbreaking JK bawling his eyes out worse.

I never payed attention or knew of their story at the time, was so wrapped up in my own arrogant life but it should be seen to be believed and never forgotten.

Director Eddie Martin (Loriel) presents such a clever documentary as powerful as any I have seen. It is a slow build and a bonus of making this film was that, as professional and amateur skaters, Ben and Tas were always being filmed, doing tricks, speaking to camera, from even about age ten these brothers have footage of their progression all the way up until present. The amount of footage is just incredible and formed a movie in itself, a tragedy Shakespeare would praise, if he didn’t know it was all true.




Watching the life ark of Ben and Tas is remarkable, how people praised and loved them, used and abused them and then dumped them when the monsters they helped create were let loose on the world is nearly unbelievable. Do not get me wrong, Ben and Tas will be the first to tell you they were no angels but looking into the professional sport world and how money shaped it is intriguing. How skating went from cool to a stage show, how Tony Hawk is really and truly an asshole that wasn’t an amazing dude, he was great at his skating but he was a pawn in business and a business model that, like most big business, is there to conquer and/ or destroy the competition.

This film will get no marketing and the word of mouth will be limited. If you are a skater, you enjoy a documentary, you love a superb life story, you have teenagers or kids and you want them to stay on the right track, or you just like a good movie I urge you to go and see this film. The details can be found at the cinemas playing it mentioned in the first paragraph. I truly hope wherever they are in the universe that Ben and Tas are at peace with life and have found a better path. This film will grab you by the privates and throw you on a wild and dangerous ride. TAKE IT.


4 and a Half Pops


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