ADULT WORLD is a quirky comedy drama starring Emma Roberts (We’re The Millers, Wild Child, Nancy Drew) , and real life fiancé (who I totally love more than her) Evan Peters (of American Horror Story fame), It also stars John Cusack, for art house cred, and is about discovering one’s self, becoming an adult, learning life lessons, growing up and finding your place. It is out now on DVD and thanks to our mates at MADMAN we have 6x copies to giveaway (one of them was my review copy so is opened). It is rated Ma15+ and runs for 97mins.






Amy Anderson (Emma Roberts) is a naïve, awkward university graduate desperate to get her poetry career off of the ground. Saddled with debt and unemployed, she moves back in with her parents in her seemingly bland upstate New York hometown. When her car is stolen and her parents cut her off financially, she begrudgingly accepts the only job she can find; working the cash register at Adult World – the local sex shop owned by a frisky elderly couple and staffed by diva transvestite Rubio and sweet local boy Alex. But Amy’s true passion is poetry, and she is determined to become the protégé of reclusive writer Rat Billings (a hilarious John Cusack). Headstrong and defiant, Amy stumbles through her new life, finding out that inspiration can be found in the most improbable places.



The film starts with small town Juno-esque quirkiness and I was loving it. Cusack, is a fantastic man on screen but picks some truly crap roles, he keeps this film from being a total fizzer, there is some very minuscule moments of his High Fidelity character, but this film is about poetry as opposed to music. His scenes with Amy (Emma Roberts) where they are interacting and he is in complete understanding that she is a nutcase psycho that needs to be locked up are where the film shines, it is these scenes that re-ground the film from the neurotic annoyance and over the top character that is Amy. Emma Roberts does a great job of portraying the character of Amy, she is the most annoying, pain in the ass, naive person who you are longing gets a wake up call and comes crashing down from her little pedestal of ideals.

I can remember being her age, not tainted with cynicism and still abundantly positive in everything to do with life, assuming that I knew my life would path itself out to awesomeness. But then life happened and life is what Amy needs, but a hard dose of “wake the fuck up” life. This is there the film let down for me, she got her does of life but it was still candy-coated-everything-will-be-peaches life. I wanted the hard, get bloody homeless, experience some drugs and disappointment and hit bottom before climbing back out, but this film is a Hollywood, comedy drama, always going to be a bit glossy.




Now I love Evan Peters, his characters in AMERICAN HORROR STORY are some of the best characters on television, he is dark, he can do some evil shit, and he is just gorgeous in that give me some bad guy, or are you a good guy, kind of way. He can do no wrong in anything for me, I am blinded by his awesomeness of AHS. But in this he works in an Adult Store but is quite the glossy, artsy, I am all innocent kind of guy. It was a big difference from what I am used to seeing him do. I wanted dark Evan, but again, this is not that kind of movie.

The film starts with an “attempted” suicide, it has Sylvia Plath posters on the wall and looks dark and possibly brilliant but the film never goes to those places properly and instead maintains an even keel with the bland. It has some really funny moments but never quite hits its potential and overall the plot and exploration of its themes all came off as weak and at times predictable but then the film was also comforting, something to enjoy when in bed sick on a rainy day. If you love Roberts, you will no doubt love this film and surprisingly the reviews are all quite positive on IMDB and very mixed on Rotten Tomatoes. I am generally not a fan of Roberts at all but Cusack and Peters lifted the film slightly for me. The impression I got was that Roberts thought this would be her Juno, the film that would make her a household star, and she tries her damned hardest, tries over the top, but it makes her character, a lot of the times, just unlikable. But you should make up your own mind and win a copy :).


2 and a Half Pops


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