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JK does another booboo – this was filed in the “book reviews to publish folder” and, well, holy crap and apologies to everyone and especially Icon Movies for not publishing this article when the movie was still in cinemas. Kernel Kate got to hit this one up and it appears she loved it. It’s a pity it didn’t get a wide release, I will be definitely checking it out for home entertainment. ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING will be out on DVD, Blu Ray and Digital release some time very soon, it is rated M and runs for 85mins. Now enjoy Kate’s thoughts in this whacky comedy……..all the best………JK.


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From director Terry Jones and starring Simon Pegg and Kate Beckinsale plus Robin Williams in one of his last roles voicing Dennis the Dog comes the comedy ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING.

When a group of superior aliens decide a planet is in line for destruction they determine the good or evil of the planet’s inhabitants by choosing one at random to give the power to do absolutely anything for one week and sit back to watch what will happen. On Earth this man is Neil, played by Simon Pegg, a fed up school teacher whose class is a nightmare, has an unrequited crush on his downstairs neighbour, Kate Beckinsale, and his upstairs neighbour constantly banging on his door to tell him his dog is too noisy. But for Neil suddenly discovering while marking papers at home one night that he can make anything happen by just waving his hand, without knowing how or why he gained this ability, life is about to change in a big way.

But as might be expected trying to fix all his problems with work, women and the rest of the world doesn’t come without complications. From making his best friends life hell to ruining his love life and making his dog talk with a few other surprises along the way Neil discovers that sometimes being able to do absolutely anything is more a curse than a blessing. Lucky he doesn’t know the fate of the planet is down to him as well!


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ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING features an outstanding cast of the who’s who of British comedy. From Simon Pegg in the lead role to Sanjeev Bhaskar, formerly of THE KUMARS AT NO 42, as Neil’s best friend and appearances by Eddie Izzard, Joanna Lumley, the entire cast of Monty Python voicing the aliens. Along with some international talent from the likes of Rob Riggle and Robin Williams as Dennis the Dog the cast alone makes this worth a watch for fans of British comedy and there are certainly a few laugh out loud moments through out. For those with a good eye and a decent memory there are quite a few references to other films to look out for, several of them Monty Python references.

It should however be noted that this script has been around and unmade for quite some time which is often not a great sign. Anecdotally it has been mentioned around the web that Douglas Adams read it at some time before his death in 2001 and said the dog was the best part. Funny one liners aside there are some weak spots, mainly that the whole Average Joe gets the ability to control everything only to discover his power isn’t all it’s cracked up to be theme doesn’t feel particularly fresh or original, I’m sure most film goers wouldn’t have to search too hard to find a few other examples from recent years. If you can put those comparisons aside going in and enjoy it for what it is, it is a fun ride.


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The thing that lost ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING points for me was the look and feel of the aliens. While the rest of the film has a relatively realistic feel to it, as much as talking dogs and objects moving on their own can, the CG aliens seem almost 2D animated. Complete with space ships that seem like they’re from an older generation of films and visible flashes of light descending to earth when the aliens are about I felt like the film and the outstanding voice talent deserved a little better.

If you like the extras but don’t want to search around for them on a DVD stick around for the credits. As well as some story board sketches framing the credits they contain some behind the scenes footage of Robin Williams recording his lines showing the humour and energy he brings even to a small role like his talking dog in ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING.

ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING takes us on a fun ride through space and gives us a look at one simple man’s struggle to do the right thing with infinite power. While it may not win any awards this season it will, at least, give you a few laughs.


4 Pops



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