A QUIET PLACE is the Best Alien Movie Since ALIENS

Holy shit A QUIET PLACE is awesome! I had no idea how to start the review so thought I would get to the point. Sadly I missed media screenings and watched it yesterday so apologies for the post release review. I was so keen, the trailer looked insane and the movie deserved my patronage purely for the STFU poster below. It is hands down the best ALIEN thriller movie since ALIENS with more tension than I could handle. I needed to come home and lie down after just to relax I was so tightly wound. All those new Alien movies from the last few years needed a lesson from this movie because this is what makes an Alien movie exceptional, raw fear and tension. A QUIET PLACE is out now from Paramount Pictures, it is rated M and runs for a fast-paced 90mins.


A Quiet Place STFU Poster image
STFU Poster



A family of five must navigate their lives in complete silence after mysterious sightless aliens that hunt by sound threaten the planet’s survival. If they hear you, they hunt you, if they hunt you, you’re stuffed!!


A Quiet Place John Krasinski and Noah Jupe image
John Krasinski and Noah Jupe



Simple, powerful and clever. A lesson in the use of, and lack of, sound. A film with such limited dialogue that speaks volumes. Being quiet when you are petrified is human nature, having to live that way and make a movie to reflect that over 90mins is a brilliant venture into tension. This is basically what made ALIEN and then ALIENS so good; tension and hiding, running and the genetic nature of survival. It could be a movie set on the Alien homeworld if they all went blind but it isn’t, these monsters have come to Earth and wiped most of us out, they are efficient and terrifyingly violent but one of their greatest flaws is not being able to see.

A clever and tight screenplay by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods who wrote it specifically with John Krasinski in mind to star. It was voted in Hollywood as one of the best screenplays of 2017.

There is so little to dislike about this movie, there was only three things that bugged me. In a world where the tiniest of sounds will kill you – why the fuck would you have a baby? That just didn’t make sense, I would call the baby “suicide,” I have never uttered the words and nor will I again but all I was thinking was “kill the baby!” One other thing was in one of the later baby scenes – in the bunker of sorts, it was like an entire scene was missing with a breach into the underground. And finally why not build and live in a place with abundant noise, like next to a waterfall? Minor gripes and they do not make the movie less than the excellence it is.


A Quiet Place Emily Blunt image
Emily Blunt



The parents:

There are seven humans in the cast with three of them basically extras not worthy of mentioning. It comes down to the four leads, and what talent, I was completely spellbound. Not only does John Krasinski star, he also directs and is married in real-life and in the movie to Emily Blunt. Blunt encouraged hubby to direct the film and after she read his first draft of his script she asked if she could be cast opposite him. It was a master stroke for the movie. Krasinski’s direction is brilliant and his acting always surprises me, I really need to stop picturing him in THE OFFICE and think of him as a babe who does subtle action suspense well. And that beard gets high appreciation. 

Blunt is a revelation. Her skill onscreen just gets better with every role. The bath scene was apparently done in one take. According to John Krasinski, as soon as he said, “Cut,” Blunt immediately fell out of character and asked the crew, “What’s everyone having for lunch?” Trying not to have a baby who is keen to see the light of day while hiding and trying to get away from a monster killing machine was a scene I won’t forget soon. I will buy this one on HD DV as soon as I can, it’s a keeper.

The kids:

Noah Jupe plays Blunt and Krasinski’s young son in the film. This kid is an acting machine with more blockbusters under his belt than most of Hollywood in the last few years. He was in THE NIGHT MANAGER, SUBURBICON, WONDER and the horrendously painful crapfest, THE TITAN, but he was good haha. He really needs his own movie, not as a support, as the lead, a 6th SENSE type of film to take him to the next level as opposed to playing “the kid.” You will see him soon with Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly and Ralph Fiennes in HOLMES AND WATSON.

Actress Millicent Simmonds has been deaf since infancy due to a medication overdose. This was the second film she starred in, with WONDERSTRUCK (last year) being her first. Her talent is on the rise and she is one rebellious mini-hero in this.


A Quiet Place Emily Blunt and Millicent Simmonds image
Emily Blunt and Millicent Simmonds



A QUIET PLACE is currently in the lead as my favourite movie of 2018. I have not seen a horror/ thriller / monster movie that had me this tightly engaged in years. I cannot wait to see it again!





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