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Kernel Nick reviews the much loved Tom Hardy in his latest, somewhat odd, film that the world is raving about, LOCKE. The entire film is set in a car while Locke (Hardy) drives. The film shot over six (I repeat SIX) days using three camera and all the scenes were one-take constant rolling shots. Hardy had a cold for filming so they wrote it in for Locke, and every time you hear “you have a call waiting” this was dubbed over the low fuel warning alarm that drove Hardy nuts. I could not be more excited about this film – it just looks spectacular and reminds me of BURIED, just much more comfortable. It is rated MA15+ and runs for 85mins. Enjoy Nick’s review below……..all the best……..JK.





I didn’t know much about LOCKE when I put my hand up to attend the screening. I did know one thing. Tom Hardy. Put that man in a movie and I will go see it. He is an awesome actor, and I may have a slight man crush on him. (slight: should read as extreme) I learnt a few more things leading up to the screening, I still had no idea about plot, or tone or theme or genre. I did learn that, Tom hardy was the only actor to appear on screen. It is set entirely in a car. The film takes place in real time. With this knowledge I went and saw the film.

After leaving the screening, I knew one more thing. This film is brilliant.

I know what you are thinking. A dude in his car. Driving for an hour and a half. Sounds like riveting stuff. It actually is. The tension and the engagement comes from a series of phone calls throughout the trip.  Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy) has to juggle several crises in his life all over the phone whilst in his car.




Tom Hardy! Yay for Tom Hardy! He will blow you away. One man you definitely want to spend a night in a car with.  He is gripping from start to finish. His frustration and inabilities are conveyed amazingly. Tom Hardy puts you in the front seat and straps you in for the ride. He dissolves away and Ivan Locke appears. There aren’t that many actors out there who, could carry a film as the only actor appearing on screen, and have it come out as amazing as this film did.

The script is excellent. It avoids the boring aspects of most phone conversations, but keeps enough of the subtle nuances that it feels genuine the whole time. The build is slow enough that you are kept interested, waiting for the next phone call to happen, to further dive into this world. I felt that the story was well balanced, with enough time to breath, but not get boring. There is enough variation in events that it remains interesting but not too much that we get lost between minor characters. An excellent, gripping story, a somewhat experimental concept, that was most definitely pulled off well.




A film set in a car focusing on one actor seems like it would be a fairly straightforward shoot. Get a few shots of the road, of the tires, of Tom Hardy through the windshield, then a couple of him in the car, Done! Even with the intense limitations, the cinematography is quite excellent. The shots don’t feel repetitive or boring. They follow the flow of the film really well. Close ups are used really well, not over used and really capture the emotion and frustration of Locke. Haris Zambarloukos, the cinematographer, worked really well within the limitations to create a film that is visually interesting and fitting for the film, where I’m sure many would have thought that wasn’t possible.

The supporting cast do an excellent job, unfortunately overshadowed by Tom Hardy’s performance, however its understandably hard to compete when you have no screen time. In a Q and A after the screening the producer told us how they went about filming, with the majority of the actors never appearing on screen. Tom Hardy and the rest of cast, would carry out there phone calls, live and deliver their lines to each other whilst filming (like an actual phone call) less common than you would think. It really shows, the way they react and the timing are super realistic. The supporting cast, most notably Andrew Scott of Sherlock fame, are excellent. They bring the film to the next level, it isn’t just a powerhouse performance from Tom Hardy, it is a tense and thrilling story, featuring very believable performances.




The realism of this film is scary. From the way calls are made and answered, to how you look whilst talking on the phone to how you actually have a conversation over the phone. It just immerses you immediately. You stop concentrating on being in the car for the entire film, or trying to time the events to see if they are actually taking place in real time. You get sucked into the story, and feel like you are in the car with Tom wondering how the hell he is going to sort everything out.

And, as an interesting fact, the producer, Guy Heeley, also told us that they shot for 6 days. 6 days! That’s insane. Considering that for most films, shooting periods including pick ups can stretch out to twelve months. In the end I think Guy Heeley said that from concept to script, to filming to post to finished product is was about three months. Which I still cannot get over.

See it and be amazed in August!!


4 and a Half Pops


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