Deadpool | Review

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Kernel Blake heads out and hits up the ultimate bad mouthed, murderous superhero who looks freaking hot in full red leather suit but looks like an avocado fucked an avocado out of the suit. This one is not for the kidlets, DEADPOOL is an MA15+ swear/murder fest that will leave you in stitches. The sequel was greenlit before the movie even released and this one will see Ryan Reynolds as one of the most loved superheroes for eternity...

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Beside Myself | Ann Morgan

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Did you love ROOM? ELIZABETH IS MISSING? Did the little girls from THE SHINING scare the poop into your pants? Then it is highly possible you may fall in love with BESIDE MYSELF from Ann Morgan. Her debut fictional novel after her first book READING AROUND THE WORLD: CONFESSIONS OF A LITERARY EXPLORER (published in 2015) in where she decided to read a book from every country in 2012, a truly amazing feat...

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IMAX Sydney, at Darling Harbour, is the largest cinema screen on planet earth, it is EPIC, it is so big it fills your vision and even your peripheral vision and I occasionally experience vertigo when seeing movies there but it is still one of the most epic experiences to view a movie (my tip when seeing a movie there is to sit as far to the back in the dead centre as possible). My favourite IMAX SYDNEY screening has been hands-down INTERSTELLAR,...

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The Girl King | Mardi Gras Film Festival

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This year’s Mardi Gras Film Festival is about to kick off, it is my favourite time of the year for movies as I finally get to see some amazing gay films from all over the world that you would never be able to see otherwise. If you are in Sydney dear peeps, I urge you to check out the Mardi Gras Film Festival Website and grab yourself some tickets, the festival runs from February 18th to March 3rd 2016 and some of the films are already sellin...

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Steve Jobs | Movie Review

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Kernel Blake reviews the latest movie about the man, the legend, iJobs, or as he and the film were named by their makers, STEVE JOBS. The guy who started it all and is responsible for the computer this is being typed on and the smart phone I will use to link this article on Instagram. While the film is made by some of the best in the business Blake isn’t fully sold. So that’s 3/3 Jobs movies that haven’t worked to their greatest potential...

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Spotlight | Movie Review

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SPOTLIGHT is the dark horse of the Oscars, a film that is raved about but hasn’t been heavily promoted in Australia and I am stoked to be watching it tomorrow morning. One friend in the industry adamantly advises it is the best film of 2015 and Kernel Morgan, who reviews it for you, confirms by scoring this movie a perfect 5/5 Pops. Just look at the superlative poster below, basically the “please vote for me package” for the Oscars in one page...

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Dirty Grandpa Should be Burned with Fire

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Robert DeNiro; one of the greatest actors of the current living starring in roles such as TAXI DRIVER, THE GODFATHER 2, RAGING BULL, THE DEER HUNTER, BACKDRAFT, GOODFELLAS, HEAT, CASINO and on and on all the way to last year’s also much loved THE INTERN has in one movie undone all the respect I have ever had for him...

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The Honourable Assassin | Roland Perry

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THE HONOURABLE ASSASSIN is Roland Perry’s twenty-eighth book, this action spy thriller travels from a murder in a Melbourne laneway to Mexican cartels in Thailand. Perry is best known for his non-fiction, especially history and sports books and biographies. THE HONOURABLE ASSASSIN is out now from the folks at Allen and Unwin Book Publishers, you will find this one in most bookstores of you can obtain it HERE...

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