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My friend Tommy is the biggest Stallone and Rocky fan in Australia, towards the top of his bucket list is to run to the top of those infamous stairs in Philledilphia wearing grey tracks and blasting that famous Rocky song. I think he actually asked me if he could be my partner to the CREED screening before shooting had even finished...

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Mockingjay Part 2 Artwork image of Katniss

The Hunger Games is one of the best Young Adult book and movie franchises of all time, the books I couldn’t put down and the movies have been impressive making squillions and seeing J-Law skyrocket to the highest paid actress on the planet...

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A Pigeon Sat On A Branch Reflecting on Existence | AFF

A Pigeon Sat On A Branch Reflecting on Existence artwork banner image

Kernel Jordan, our South Australian Kernel, represented Salty at the Adelaide Film Festival this year. Adelaide Film Festival ran from October 15th-25th – all finished now. For Jordan’s final film from the festival following CEMETERY OF SPLENDOURYOUTHTHE ASSASSINEL CLUB and DEATHGASM, we have EN DUVA SATT PÅ EN GREN OCH FUNDERADE PÅ TILLVARON (A PIGEON SAT ON A BRANCH REFLECTING ON EXISTENCE), a story about a pair of hapless ...

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Yolo Juliet and Srsly Hamlet | Brett Wright and Courtney Carbone

Yolo Juliet and Srsly Hamlet cover images

When I first heard about YOLO JULIET and SRSLY HAMLET I was disgusted that the works of the master were being ruined and destroyed and totally vandalised. Actually I still feel that way but who am I to make judgements? People were up in arms when Baz Luhrmann did his own version of Romeo and Juliet and it is in my top five movies of all time...

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The Never, Um, Ever Ending Story | Molly Meldrum

molly meldrum and a kookaburra image

Love or loathe him Ian Molly Meldrum is the single most prominent figure in Australian pop culture. His contribution to the music industry is phenomenal, if we can forgive him for Peter Andre his influence and friendships with music royalty have helped stars be who they are today. His semi-autobiography released a year ago and was sent to our “music” book critic who read it and then never submitted a review after moving to Coffs...

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The Book of Memory | Petina Gappah

the book of memory book cover image

Kernel Kate dives into a fantastic debut novel from Guardian First Book award winning short story author Petina Gappah. Kate just adores this book and gives it a fantastic review below, it looks into an albino Zimbabwean woman on death row in Zimbabwe and her amazing, and at times, harrowing story – how does she end up from poor village girl to wealthy estate “girl” to prison? THE BOOK OF MEMORY is out now from the folks at Allen and Unwin, it...

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Let Me Die In His Footsteps | Lori Roy

let me die in his footsteps cover excerpt

Kernel Fi hits up LET ME DIE IN HIS FOOTSTEPS from Lori Roy of BENT ROAD fame. Roy’s earlier novels won a lot of praise and a few awards but Fi wasn’t a fan and in what I consider one of her best reviews succinctly gives her reasons in an honest fashion. LET ME DIE IN HIS FOOTSTEPS steps into gothic Southern U.S. coming of age territory while revolving around the final U.S. public hanging...

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pernicious movie image

Kernel Fiona embraces her inner Z grade horror slasher to disembowel the poorly made American/ Thai made PERNICIOUS from James Bressack. The idea of the movie and plot actually sounds interesting but besides the gorefest it sounds like the entire execution was poor but Fi can explain it all better while I go and have some dentistry nightmares. PERNICIOUS was released by Benetone Hillin Entertainment and is available now in Australia via VOD...

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