Captain America: Civil War | Review

Captain America: Civil War Which Side Will You Choose? image

CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR is out now on planet Earth and will currently be raking in more money than most countries, it would want to be, it cost somewhere a bit under $250MIL to make, and it will make that back in about two weeks, this movie is a cash cow. How much is too much for movie budgets? The costs of the upcoming two INFINITY WARS movies is estimated at $1BIL...

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Cuffs | Giveaway

cuffs promotional image

Thanks to our friends at NIXCORLJ Entertainment and Acorn Media we have five copies of CUFFS on DVD to giveaway. CUFFS is a UK cop show that sadly only ran for the first season of eight episodes, BBC decided not to go with season two to make way for new content. This was a real shame as it was going quite well and embraced something a little different from the cop show norm...

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Be Frank With Me | Julia Claiborne Johnson

Be Frank with Me Book Cover Section image

When people make the comment “never judge a book by its cover” certain covers need to have an exception. Just have a look at the cover for BE FRANK WITH ME from Julia Claiborne Johnson, when the shipments arrived to send to the reviewers I nearly kept this from Kernel Deb. Just look at debonair Frank, I mean isn’t that the cutest little-man of all time that just sums up the entire book with one photo...

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Retro Cinema | Mean Streets (1973)

Mean Streets movie image

MEAN STREETS is one of the greats of Scorcese and in this 40th anniversary year of TAXI DRIVER we have decided to review one or more of his masterpieces. I was one years old when MEAN STREETS released and four when TAXI DRIVER turned on its meter...

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My Name is Mahtob | Mahtob Mahmoody

My Name is Mahtob Book Cover Section image

I remember the movie, NOT WITHOUT MY DAUGHTER releasing into cinemas, it was HUGE and I bloody loved it, who can’t love Sally Field delivering another Oscar worthy performance, but behind that movie and that performance was the true story of Betty and Mahtob Mahmoody, a mother and daughter fleeing for their lives from being kept in Iran as prisoners of their husband and father. MY NAME IS MAHTOB is that same story, this time told from Mahtob...

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A Republic of Shadows | Andrew Clawson

A Republic of Shadows Book Cover Section image

A REPUBLIC OF SHADOWS, from independent self publishing author Andrew Clawson, is an historical fiction thriller in the vein of Matthew Reilly, Dan Brown and Agatha Christie. We review this book as part of our independent series from author requests. A REPUBLIC OF SHADOWS is the fourth novel from Clawson in the Parker Chase series and Clawson has grand plans for Chris Evans and Keira Knightley to star as his leads in future screen adaptations...

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How to Sound Cultured | Book Review

how to sound cultured image

HOW TO SOUND CULTURED from Thomas W. Hodgkinson and Hubert van den Bergh is a somewhat comical self help/ gift book that talks about 250 people in history that have a story, supposedly knowing these names and the stories of scandal will assist you in fitting in better in society. Kernel Fiona Fyfe reviews this 400 page comical read that released from the fine folks at Allen and Unwin Book Publishers last December...

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Eddie the Eagle | Review

eddie the eagle movie image

I remember it clear as day, 1988, Eddie Edwards was not only the laughing stock of the world at the ’88 Winter Olympics but this laughing stock changed into a hero of the people, the battler who overcame adversity and just did what he wanted, he would never be the best ski jumper, he didn’t want to be, he just wanted to be known as an Olympian and he did, a world wide champion who graced the front page of nearly every English speaking newspaper, ...

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